Our company profile

For over 36 years now, Klareco has been developing and producing a wide range of detergents and disinfectants dedicated for use in all areas of professional hygiene.
At our modern manufacturing plant in Palazzo Pignano, situated between the famous cities of Cremona and Milan, our Company pays the highest attention to issues of sustainability because at Klareco we are convinced that Man’s health is intrinsically linked to that of the animals and the natural environment around us.

About us

Our Company produces detergents and disinfectants for professional hygiene; our dedication and passion to this sector can be seen in our products and services which are based on quality, innovation and sustainability and in the customer service we offer in Italy and abroad.
Experience and enthusiasm are the core values of our company.

Mission & Vision

Klareco’s awareness of the inextricable natrue of the link between the various elemet that make up our environment has provided the inspiration to develop high-performance, eco-sustainable products and systems aimed at promoting operational systems that combine human health with that of the animals and nature.


The numerous certificates awarded to Klareco for quality, safety and environmental sustainability testify to its unstoppable dedication and commitment to continuous improvement.

Certificates Awarded to the Company

ISO 9001: 2015


ISO 14001: 2015


ISO 45001: 2018


Officina Autorizzata Produzione Presidi Medico Chirurgici

Certificates Awarded for Products